When God pressed in my spirit to get this book into your hands things began to super-naturally fall into place. Having the Holy Spirit directing me in this venture confirmed that this was God’s will concerning me. The joy I felt when God gave me this vision made me want to leap over walls and run through troop. As I began to pen my thoughts and experiences I realized that this blessing was not just for you, God was speaking to me also.


I’ll admit walking out on the water was extremely exciting. However, I began to have second thoughts, a change of heart. I began to question “Is this really God?” Realizing that people I didn’t know would learn about my hidden and un-confessed secrets, my un-godly thoughts and sins.


The mask would be off. Everyone would see me for who I really am. My closet would be wide open and the skeletons revealed. I didn’t want that. What I wanted was to simply write a book about the good parts of my Christian walk. I especially didn’t want you in my business. 


Yet in spite of all those emotions, the impression in my spirit to write down my experiences, get it published and into your hands were just as powerful as the vision itself. Besides, God was going to do it with or without me.  In order to tell these stories I had to be real and let you into those hidden, locked away places that only God knows of. I found the courage to continue in knowing that what we go through is common to man and that you would identify.  


The strength to step out of self and the grace to answer this call came in knowing that I have been delivered, washed and made new by the Blood of the Lamb! Moreover, I am saved by the words of my testimony and I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is the power of God to everyone that believes. Therefore, I can be:


Naked and Not Ashamed!

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